For go karting in London, be it outdoor or indoor, we provides visitors with all you need to know before choosing an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a go karting corporate event or racing just for fun, we provide you with a select choice of go karting venues around London and the UK that will hopefully impress both you and your colleagues. We independently review, in great detail, go karting tracks in London and the UK. Our favourite 5 star circuits can be found below. For Go Karting Essex, Go Karting Herfordshire, Go Karting Kent or Corporate Events London simply navigate to find others closer to your location.


kids go karting partyA kids go karting party London is a great way to celebrate a birthday. The kids really do love the time they spend behind the wheel. It is so much fun. The priority of any kids party is to entertain the children safely. Feedback from kids parties is awesome. "The best party ever!". Availability is often the issue so once you have chosen your preferred venue it is best to book the party early to avoid any disappointment.

To make the birthday special why not consider adding food and maybe some medals or tropgies to your party package. Most venues we review have the WOW factor which makes each party a memorable one. To find out about the kids go karting parties please click on this link.

UK Go Karting is a great way to strengthen Corporate relationships, improve company morale and entertain your business clients successfully. This site reviews tracks that we think entrants to the sport will enjoy, get good value from and receive a professional welcome.

Our circuits are ideal for special events such as stag weekends, hen parties and birthday celebrations. Tracks are usually close to public transport so travelling to your evenings entertainment is easy.

Even if you're simply looking for a cheap go karting event we hope this website helps you find what you are looking for.


If you would like more go karting information please feel free to email us events@gokarting.co.uk.

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