Go Karting For Kids

Kids Go kartingKids go karting is coolWhen it comes to go karting for kids we think you have come to the right place. Kids go karting parties are a great way to entertain a group of mates. We may be biased but when it comes to kids in go karts the fun starts instantly and a go karting party is a brilliant way to celebrate.

If you fancy a gokarting party it is important to seek your best option. Kids like to stick together so always look for a party hat offers exclusive use of the track.

Age is often a factor so it is best to keep your invited guests within a school year of the party boy or girl. Have fun, be safe and take the first step towards being a Formula 1 champion.

  • GoKarting Party on Ice

    Kids can now go karting at the Ice rink in Streatham. Super facilities. Exciting once in a lifetime party available on Saturday evenings only.

  • Some Kids Karting Party info

    We just don’t know of a better way to impress your mates.

    A gokarting party is ever popular and everyone who gets invited feels lucky to be your friend.

    Excellent fun!

    Each track will have their own age restrictions so it is as well to shop around.

    We think the most fun can be found on the ice rink while gokarting at Streatham.

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